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Review: 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' screams nostalgia with a beautiful cry

July 26, 2019

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A Mystical Masterpiece: 'Doctor Strange' Spoiler-Free Review

October 29, 2016


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Dr. Stephen Strange is an arrogant man with an ego larger than Tony Stark's. He is a man with candor, but not the type you would prefer. If he doesn’t like you, he will tell you, and in the case of Christine Palmer, if he doesn’t need you at the moment, you can leave and never come back, even if love is in the air. His perfect job and his perfect life he attributes to his wonderful hands and genius brain, but once you take the hands away, not even his genius brain can bring him back to the top of the world. In search for purpose he digs down to the outskirts of New York, finding a route that takes him to Kathmandu, Nepal. Here he finds the Ancient One, who after rigorous training is also unable to fix his hands. But here is where everything changes.


Doctor Strange delivers a vast array of visual prestige, a roller coaster ride through an abstract painting of a modern Picasso. It is a story of rejuvenation, the power of the mind and the battle against time, perfectly depicted by an outstanding performance from Benedict Cumberbatch. The Sorcerer Supreme is supreme indeed, and though he didn’t foster the title until much later in the movie, he perfectly embodies the role of a powerful magician, even before discovering the mystic arts. It is not a love story, but a reminder that love should never be absent; an aspect manifested by a phenomenal portrayal from Rachel McAdams.


We saw a Marvel movie that stayed to its roots — you will laugh, guaranteed. But also a Marvel movie that traveled new waters through its portrayal of religion and spirituality to levels never explored before in an MCU film. Prepare yourself for a mystical experience like none other, one that will leave you wanting for more.


The mystic arts in Doctor Strange is magic to the bone, and Strange himself was one in the beginning trying to science his way through them. But understanding the unknown means that one needs to forget past perceptions. This was wrongly interpreted by the villain, Kaecilius, who harnessed trans-dimensional powers that even himself could not comprehend. But his intentions were not evil. We have in Doctor Strange a spectrum of morality, one that starts with Dr. Stephen Strange, and ends with Kaecilius. Karl Mordo stands in the middle.


Chiwetel Ejiofor's Mordo was a lost soul, a wave in the ocean that’s deciding whether to carry the tide or lose momentum and start again. Mordo’s actions were questionable at the end, and Ejiofor tries to convince you that Mordo is right. I believe him, but his actions will haunt him, eventually.


Doctor Strange is a cinematic experience that you'll watch more than once. It's a movie that will keep you wanting a prequel for the Ancient One. Filled with Easter Eggs and a clear-cut connection to the grand MCU, Director Scott Derrickson gave us a masterpiece for the ages, and Benedict Cumberbatch won our hearts as the Sorcerer Supreme.


This November 4 let time be your guide to a theater screening Doctor Strange near you.

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